You can contact me by email at : adriens at users dot


In a first step, i wanted to create a software for myself that could help me im my daily job, so i should not have to always ask end users to report me details on their client and database environment (OS, driver version, transaction mode, ...). Then i chose to make it available for other users, as i told myself that other people could find it also helpfull.

As a second motivation, i said myself that i could not always only download softwares from Sourceforge but also donate a bit of my spare time to the community.

It is also a good self-learning and exciting method to perform such little developments tasks as i can choose and explorer new technologies, tools and APIs. This is how i discovered Maven build tool which is a great and matches my needs as i wanted to integrate the website, tutorials in the build process. Still i have to put the project on subversion, but for now it was not a priority as i wanted to have a usable binary version.


Technology Interest Centers


Of courses, one of my favorites (Technology) Interest centers are the databases and everything that can be performed thanks to them.

  • Oracle (tuning, PL/SQL development, using oc4j to use the db, ). Oracle is my favorite one as the amount of features is the richest (from my point of view) and allows to make complex tasks the easiest way. I have a project in the pipe for Oracle as i have specific reporting needs for this db
  • SQL Server (thank to Transact-SQL a great number of things can be performed, and this is particularly true with the latest release, like the SMO API.)
  • DB2 : for now i don't have a very important knowledge on this database, i'm learning and i feel confident that i will like soon like it
  • MySQL : the latest (5.1) version does really have very nice features and make me feels at home (like on Oracle), i'll enjoy more and more working on this db
  • Postgresql, sqllite, ...

Document formats

From my point of view (i'not very original ;-p), documents must be crossplatform for : we should be able to create them on any platform and be able to read them on any platform, and should be compliant with standards so we should be able to export a document in multiple outputs (html, xhtml, rtf, word, chm, pdf, ps, txt, ...), so i always keep the focus on OASIS Document-Centric Applications committees ; for now, i commonly use docbook and LaTeX but is must confess that docbook document can be exported in a wider formats than LaTeX.