Softwares used during DbLatexReport development



For LaTeX editing and more generally script edition and code manipulation, i use notepad++ which is a very intuitive, simple, complete and nice to use text editor. You can have a look at his sourceforge website to get latest binaries.


I have developed the project on Netbeans 5.0 IDE, and adopted the MevenIDe plugin as i wanted to use the (Apache) Maven framework in a convenient way ; therefore have a look at Maven Netbeans modules.


I have used VAInstall to create the installer. I found its features very powerfull and is especially suited to install Java softwares. More over, it create installer for all platforms, and in all formats (.exe, .sh, .jar, .lin) and provides different interfaces, depending on which kind of environment we laucnh it (graphical or command line).

Other resources (tutorials, ...)

Babafou apprends LaTeX

Babafou apprends LaTeX is a french tutorial to help people learn LaTeX. The pdf is available for free. The tutorial is very simple to use and contains most used LaTex features. Indeed the reference book for LaTeX remains the LaTeX companion book which, if you find LaTex powerfull, is a must-have !