A lot of database drivers are available for a lot of rdbms, so i'll provide you a (sub)set of links that will avoid you to look for them. As you will see, the list is not exhaustiv, indeed you should be able to find drivers for most commonly used databases.

If you often use a driver that is not listed below, feel free to send it back to me i will be happy to add it, and to test it with my tool.

As there are mainly two kind of drivers : odbc and Jdbc, i'll provide a dedicated section for each, regardless for Jdbc if they are Type III or type IV drivers.



MySQL 3.51

Datadirect odbc drivers

Oracle native odbc drivers

IBM DB2 native odbc drivers

sqllite native odbc drivers


Jtds (for SQL Server and Sybase)

Oracle thin

Datadirect Jdbc drivers

IBM DB2 native Jdbc drivers