What to donate ?

For now, i did not activate the donate system so you won't be able to give any money, but hey, money is not the only thing you can donate, so here is a set of things you could donate that i would greatly appreciate :

    A logo for the project that would reflect the interaction between databases, jdbc, java (maybe a kind of Duke), latex typesetting language, SQL. It would greatly appreciated if the logo was built with open source software of course
    A nice cover title page for the output report, with colors, ...
    Tutorials you have built for yourself and want to share with others users. Welcome formats are Latex and docbook as they seem to me to best typesettings tool at the moment, but if you don't feel comfortable with them, just send me your document and i'll translate it in one of the cited formats
    You could also donate books or articles you have written and think would helpful in this project
    Anything you think could make the project better and nicer
    A mail to tell that you like/not like this tool or what you would like me to add (features, specific how to, ...)