First release - 2006-11-02


  • Replaced all tabular with supertabular environments
  • Removed the table types section
  • Added the database type name in table columns description
  • Bug correction : special caracter % was not correctly substituted, which was causing latex compilation impossible
  • Modifed the makefiles .bat and .sh : now, only latex, dvips amd ps2pdf are used by default.
  • Added a reference from a table column type that references the type definition by it's section (\ref) and page number (\pageref) (in it's dedicated section). As referenced by latex, the hyperlink is clickable to make the electronic read easier. The page number is provided to make printed version easier to read.
  • Added/modified the help message when the user does only run java -jar DbLatexReport-2006-11-26.jar. A sample of command lines has been added to use Oracle Thin Driver, Jtds, db2.
  • Started to create ready to use bat files to make use easier. Files will are provided as part of the package release. Unix like shell file will be soon available.


Thanks to a long week end due to a bank holiday, i could add the following features. I have developed them on SQL Server, but soon other RDBMS samples will be available.
  • Added foreign key/imported key reported on table, with reference to the target table and column
  • Bug correction on indexes reporting (the indexes section was appearing twice)
  • Unified section ids naming to make cross referencing easier (sections and tabulars)
  • Added the reports chapter
  • Added the cross references chart, ie. table relations, based on foreign keys, represented by a bipartite chart (use epic, eepic and eclbip packages).
  • Added indexes in report contents (Index chapter)


  • Added the Sql Type name in the Types section report (before only the type id was provided). The Sql Type Name is also known as standard odbc types (TINYINT, VARCHAR, ...)
  • The connection is set to READ ONLY mode, so it does not provide any kind of locks, and allows database to perform optimizations during metadata retrieval.
  • Added a GUI, but the command line tool is still available, like for previous versions
  • Added an installer
  • Added the option to put a specific Author name
  • Added the feature (GUI only) to choose what to report (connections properties only, tables, ...)
  • Added a feature to allow to load Jdbc Drivers a more convenient way.
  • Updated website with some jdbc urls


  • Added the makefile generation in the GUI based creation process to make pdf report creation easier (.bat on Windows stations or sehll file for unix like stations)
  • Added the button that opens station's default odbc links manager. For now, only on windows.
  • Bug correction in GUI for Jdbc datasources URL formatting


  • Added the shortcut to ODBCConfig for Linux stations as it seems like it is the most commonly installed by default tool.


  • Added the schema in the main GUI to report a specific schema
  • As the schema has been added, table retrieve is now possible with more odbc drivers (MySQL, native Oracle) and also Jdbc drivers
  • Added a new Schemas section in the Database Link Properties chapter to report available schemas
  • Added a new Catalogs section in the Database Link Properties chapter to report available catalogs (depends on database products)
  • Updated the command line to take schema clause in account for the report
  • Changed Tables indexes columns display : table is now horizontally displayed (sideways table environment)
  • Bug correction for procedure parameters section id function (was providing -- instead of -)
  • Switched development with Netbeans 5.5, that include openJDK
  • Added the report creation date in the title (title look and feel will be enhanced for next release)


This release is a bit special. I have added a new Frame that makes possible to perform queries on the target database. As there already exists plenty of tools that make that stuff much much better if your primary goal is only to make queries the nicest way, you should better have a look at the other tools. The reason why i've added this feature is that i wanted to grab metadatas dynamically on any Query, to complete the static report output. As i also often need to get back binary datas from database, i've added the feature to dump the binary fields on the local machine into file (no more need to use native tool like textcopy.exe for SQL Server). So i can avoid native tools to get back this kind of datas. And still the user is not limited to a single row : if you want to dump all binary streams, put make a select without where clause. As I'm a bit short on time and that i needed this feature i've released this version which could look a bit root. Improvements will be performed in a near future. Indeed here are the new features listed, focused on the SQL Query Frame:
  • Get query metadatas (column type, Java Class Mapping, binary column bytes size, ...)
  • Dump binary columns in user's Temp directory (output directory not customizable for now)
  • Generate Plain Text report (other Formats will be available in the future)
  • Set connection options (Read Only, Auto Commit)
  • Basic Queries options : commit, rollback, reconnect
  • SQL statements history
  • Verbose Log Window
  • Query report output formatted in Plain Text format


  • Bug correction for SQL Query Frame Authentication on SQL Authenticated databases


  • Changed output dump directory for SQL Query Frame. Each query report has now it's own directory (identified with timestamp)
  • Added html report in the dump directory
  • Some little bug correction and exception handling
  • Added support for multiple output ResultSets, like from SQL Server or DB2 stored procedures. In this case, both ResultSets metadatas and datas are reported in the same report.
  • Added a Message to tell that Reconnection has been successfully performed
  • Bug correction : the hstmt is now properly released (warnings cleared and statement closed) when a query can not be successfully parsed (reconnection was then required)
  • Binary fields that have been dumped into local filesystem do now have a dedicated directory
  • In html report, i've added hyperlinks to binary datas that have been dumped into local files
  • Added the html output to html Panel
  • Bug correction in Full Table Name which was causing latex compiilation issues (manually return required for each item)
  • Buffered all reports writing (html, text) in the Query Frame
  • Bug correction in Types mapping
  • Diminished Thread sleep call between some operations (speed up report).
  • Added the bar chart that report Table Types Categories, in the Reports Chapter


  • Added a section dedicated to type usage for all table like objects (Table, view, ...)
  • Added a subsection dedicated to Table Categories in Database objects (diaply list of available table categories, like Table, View, System Table, ...)
  • Added histogram dedicated to column repartition accross tables to get the focus on large tables. This chart will have to enhanced as for now, on large number of tables, the box is overfull, indeed details are provided in the legend
This release is a bit special as i couldn't dedicate much time to it. In the coming months, as spring is here, and quite soon summer, i'll take more time to be outside and make some sport ;-p. Still the project is not down but will hibernate (hmm, i'm not talking about Hibernate but about a real Spring and Summer project hibernation). So i hope you'will have fun with this modest tool.