About Db Latex Report

A Java (only based on Java Foundation Classes, no third party library required but native Jdbc drivers if you don't use Jdbc-Odbc bridge) Cross-platform tool to report database connections (SCHEMA-centric) in latex format. This tool enables you to produce a LaTeX (standard, no specific extension required) report for database objects (tables, views, indexes, functions, primary and foreign keys, columns, types, db keywords, system functions) thanks to the JDBC Api. You can report odbc connections or pure Jdbc drivers connections. For some report sections, a chart is also available to make the report nicer to read, when the driver implements required functions (imported keys). The latex is built on the Jdbc API and then assumes that the driver's implementation does respect it. Thus the limitations are due to drivers implementation. A single readonly connection is required to make the report, in fact this software always tries to put the connection to ReadOnly mode (is the database and the driver does allow it). Take a look (in the download section) to output samples to have a better idea of what kind of output you get. Queries can also be performed on the database you want to report. You are then able to get Query Metadatas, class mapping. Binary fields are also retrieved and dumped into local file. Query reports is generated in Plain Text and html. The reports are dumped in the local system, for now on the user's Temp directory, hence they can be easily shared, on any platform. The embedded query tool supports (if the driver does of course) multiple output ResultSets (DB2, SQL Server), feature that is not often supported on this kind of tool. Anyway, the main goal of this tool is to report Metadatas.